Safety conscious, health conscious and environmentally aware thinking is to characterize all works at OCTTC

Good safety practices shall be observed at all times and in all spheres of the company’s activities and shall remain one of the most important requirements of the company.

Environmental aspects are to be taken into account where relevant. This means avoiding the discharge of environmentally harmful substances to air, land and water.


  • Safety comes first in all of our activities
  • Our aims is that all accidents shall be prevented
  • Ensuring a safe workplace requires active co-operation of all staff
  • All injuries and near-accidents shall be followed up
  • All aspects, which relate to ensure the safety & health to employees, customers and visitors priority task
  • The safety and interest of the public and surrounding community shall also be safeguarded
  • A secure, healthy and happy workplace makes an important contribution to the well being of the company

In pursuant to the above policy, all applicable laws and regulations shall be adhered to.

Health, safety and environment are a line responsibility and a shared responsibility of all staff of the company. The most important element of HSE management is prevention.

Documentation relating to HSE is integrated in OCTTC quality documentations.